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Garage Door Maintenance

Regular services keep garage doors running without flaws and serious problems for a very long time. So, if you like to arrange garage door maintenance in Plano, don’t waste time. Get in touch with our company and let our team send to you a qualified pro. We have the pleasure of doing business with devoted experts that do their job meticulously and have garage door troubleshooting skills. Whatever makes your garage door noisy, it is found and fixed. No matter how trivial issues are, they are identified and repaired. Call us today.

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Garage Door Maintenance Plano

The essence of regular garage door maintenance is to prevent common problems. You will still have to replace parts at one point but such needs are postponed for much later when you schedule services regularly. Why? Garage door parts suffer normal wear but they are often damaged sooner than expected because their fasteners become loose causing them to vibrate. Lubes dry out and so the moving parts get scratched and not only make the door noisy but they become damaged too. With the help of Garage Door Repair Plano TX, you leave such concerns behind you for good.

A tech comes prepared for the garage door maintenance service in Plano, Texas. Experienced with all brands and door types, the pros can easily and thoroughly inspect all of them. They check the cables, tracks, and spring tension of sectional doors. They make sure the curtain of roll up doors moves all the way up and down. They do any garage door adjustment needed to ensure the overhead door will close firmly and open entirely.

The techs do any garage door adjustment & repair necessary

Although the repairs needed depend on the garage door type and its condition, the overall steps include:

  • Testing the safety features
  • Checking the garage door balance
  • Adjusting the force & travel limit
  • Aligning tracks and safety sensors
  • Lubricating the moving parts
  • Tightening fasteners

With preventive servicing at regular intervals, you save money and avoid troubles. The door will not make unexplained noises or jeopardize your safety. Call us up if you like to make arrangements for your Plano garage door maintenance. We will be honored to assist.

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