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Garage Door Repair Plano

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Do you have a broken torsion spring on your garage? Call one of our pros to fix or replace your garage door torsion spring in Plano, Texas. We make certain that every one of our techs has the right experience and training. Our technicians must be qualified to provide the quality service you need. We are very confident that our experts are capable of exceeding your expectations. Call us today to get fast and efficient extension or torsion spring repair.

Extension or Torsion Spring Replacement

Garage Door Torsion Spring Plano

Every effort is made to fix a broken spring. Sometimes the issue is small enough to be repaired. But sometimes we must administer extension or torsion spring replacement. If you are not sure which spring you have, we can help. The torsion type is mounted above the door. Some garages use a single unit; while others use two. At Garage Door Repair Plano TX, we know all about these springs.

Extension springs are mounted on each side of the door. If one of these units breaks, you are advised to replace both. Only a trained pro should service these components. There is a good reason for this. Springs must be wound very tight. If the unit should snap back during service, someone could be badly injured. Make the safe decision. Let one of our experts administer your garage door torsion spring replacement. It is not worth the risk.

The Easy Extension or Torsion Spring Adjustment

In some cases, all you may need is an easy extension or torsion spring adjustment. Our certified specialists will take care of these issues quickly. We will inspect your door and determine which type of spring is best for the weight and size. Our techs carry a variety of sizes in our vans. We can replace a broken spring in no time at all. When you need repair, replacement or installation service, give us a buzz. We guarantee our Plano garage door torsion spring service.

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